What Are Your Money Goals Now That The Kids Have Left?You've raised your kids, they're off on their own, time to start the fun....but are you financially ready for it?
IRAs: Roth IRAsRoth IRAs have some interesting features that the traditional IRA does not.
Boomers On My Mind: Happy BirthdayTen thousand Baby Boomers will turn 65 today.
Social Security Primer: What Women Need To KnowWomen represent almost 60% of all Social Security beneficiaries age 62 and older and approximately 70% of all beneficiaries age 85 and older.
Social Security Primer: History94 percent of all workers, that’s about 159 million, are covered under Social Security.
Money Matters - Retirement Myth #3: My Social Security Benefit Will Be EnoughThe reality is Social Security was designed to replace about 40% of your current paycheck and less if you are a high wage earner.
Money Matters - IRAs: Roth IRAsA Roth IRA is a new twist on an old product.
Money Matters - The Millionaire Club: Sixty-Something The mother of all birthdays has come and gone and the first of the Boomers are now getting senior discounts when they go to the movies.
Money Matters - Boomers Turn 65: Happy BirthdayThe oldest boomers born in 1946 are turning 65 this year.