Snow Removal

Gov. Deval Patrick delivered coffee and doughnuts to MassHighway workers. (credit: Carl Stevens)

Gov. Patrick Thanks Road Crews With Coffee And Doughnuts

With all the long, hard hours that road clearing crews have put in this winter, some workers got a “thank you” from the governor on Thursday.


Storm Drains

Boston Residents Asked To Clear Storm Drains

The recent snow and rain have led to thousands of clogged storm drains, which is causing problems in some basements in Boston.


A Lexington man clears snow off his roof.

Elderly Lexington Man Scammed During Storm

Police are looking for a pair of con artists who took advantage of an elderly Lexington man.


Why don't crews dump excess snow into Boston Harbor?

Some Wondering Why Snow Isn’t Dumped In Boston Harbor

Looking at the ever-growing mounds of snow that complicate our commutes this winter is getting increasingly frustrating.


Surveillance cameras caught trucks dumping snow into the Merrimack River.

Lawrence Mayor Catches Trucks Dumping Snow Into Merrimack River

One of the big struggles this winter is where to put all this snow. Crews in Lawrence came up with an answer, but now they’re accused of breaking the law.


Crews are running out of places to put the snow in Worcester.

Worcester Tries To Make Room For More Snow

The partial collapse of a metal canopy over pumps at a gas station on Lincoln Street in Worcester graphically illustrates the danger that persists in this tough and tedious season of extraordinary snow accumulation.


(credit: CBS)

Curious Why Snow Isn’t Dumped In The Ocean

Where are we going to put all the snow?


(credit: CBS)

Waltham Neighborhoods Looking Less Snowy

Waltham snow removal took to the streets in full force Saturday, taking snow away from neighborhoods – a job they haven’t done in many winters.



Manchester-By-The-Sea Trying To Refrain From Nighttime Plowing

With all of the snow we’ve had this winter, it’s no surprise that some towns are going over their budgets. So Manchester-by-the-Sea is hoping its new approach to snow removal will help with the budget.


(credit: CBS)

Lynn Homeowners Face Fines For Snow-Covered Sidewalks

Homeowners in Lynn have about 10 hours after a snowstorm to clear sidewalks in front of their home, but if it’s not clear, they could face some hefty fines.





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