Snow Removal

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Lynn Homeowners Face Fines For Snow-Covered Sidewalks

Homeowners in Lynn have about 10 hours after a snowstorm to clear sidewalks in front of their home, but if it’s not clear, they could face some hefty fines.



Snow Removal A Science At Gillette Stadium

If you have tickets to Sunday’s Patriots/Dolphins game at Gillette, you can count on all the snow being long gone from parking lots and seats.


Gary Lapierre

Blizzard & Taylor Swift: Both Sound Awful!

I’ve gotta tell you….Taylor Swift can’t hold a tune in a bucket. If she’s not the worst singer in the world, she’s definitely right behind the person who is. God help us man, that’s like fingernails scratching a chalkboard.


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Courthouses Complying With Snow Removal Law

A day after getting dumped on by close to a foot of snow, parts of Cape Cod were still digging out on Tuesday. The clearest sidewalks you’re likely to find are, appropriately enough, at the Commonwealth’s courthouses.


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SJC Ruling On Snow Removal: What It Means For You

A new ruling by the state’s highest court applies to the Bay State’s new fallen snow. The Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling says you have a duty to use “reasonable care” to remove snow and ice from your property.


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Homeowners Responsible For Sidewalk Snow Removal

A Supreme Judicial Court ruling over the summer makes it nearly mandatory that home and business owners clear the sidewalks in front of their property.


New England Patriots v  New York Jets

'Curious' About Boston Plow Routes

When the snow does fall, plows are crisscrossing the state to keep the roads clear. Daryl in Boston wrote in to WBZ’s Curiosity page and asked,…


Milan Lucic: Hard Hits

'Curious' Why So Many Sidewalks Aren't Shoveled

This winter’s snow and ice storms have left many sidewalks slippery and dangerous, which has Kari from Waltham Curious about the rules for shoveling…




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