Snow Curiosity

Massachusetts Turnpike

Curious About Speed Limits During Winter Storms

In significant winter storms, the State Police lower the speed limit on the Mass. Pike to 40 miles per hour. What about other major roads?


Map of Mt. Baker, Washington

Curious About Most Snowfall Ever Recorded

We’ve been talking over the last few weeks about how this season’s snow measures up to the past, but what about beyond New England?


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Curious Why Snow Isn’t Dumped In The Ocean

Where are we going to put all the snow?


Snow Psyche

Curious Which Is Snowier: January Or February

This winter we’ve had our fair share of snow, but it hasn’t broken any records yet. It has raised some questions, though.


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Curious About Snowy Roofs

With all the talk about the dangers of snow on flat roofs, what about the snow on the roof of my home?


File Image (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Curious About The Difference Between All-Wheel Drive And Four-Wheel Drive

With all the driving problems this winter, you may be thinking your two-wheel-drive car isn’t getting the job done and that you need more power.


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Curious About Snowy Bus Stops

Who is responsible for cleaning snow at bus stops?


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Curious About Weather Beacon

What is the jingle that is used to tell what the light on the old Hancock building means – Ron, Lowell


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Curious About A Law Against Having Snow On Your Vehicle

It’s been days since our last snowstorm ended, but you can still see some people driving around with snow piled on the roof of their cars.


Snow Shoveling

Curious About Where To Put All The Snow In Boston

Drive or walk around Boston and you will realize just how much the snow limits where you can go. For residents living in the city, shoveling out is not easy because there is no where for the snow to go.