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Best Pet Stores South Of Boston

The suburbs to the south of Boston can be a pet owner’s dream, with so many great places to walk, hike, swim and explore. But what about shopping? Check out these trendy pet shops south of Boston.


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MBTA Declines PETA’s Request To Put Fake Snakes On Subway Cars

The MBTA says it won’t allow it to hang fake snakes from ceilings and handrails because that might interfere with rider safety.


File Image of an MBTA Red Line train.

Snakes On A Train? PETA Hoping To Put Rubber Snakes On MBTA Trolleys

Remember the woman who lost a pet python on the MBTA’s Red Line last year? That gave PETA an idea.


Quincy is looking to expand the Pine Hill Cemetery.

Quincy Looking To Expand Cemetery Into Designated Snake Habitat

Quincy is looking to drive snakes out of the city.