Tough Mass. Rules Shrink Field Of Casino HopefulsWhen Massachusetts lawmakers legalized casino gambling, they took pains to ensure that casinos would not be built in places where they weren't wanted or operated by the ethically challenged.
They Did It.....And Will Regret It....Snake Eyes!!! Well happened. The Great and General Court of Massachusetts approved it, our ill-advised Governor signed it and now it's happening. The corrupt Commonwealth of Massachusetts is all set to build some gambling casinos and at least one that term "parlor'...for slot machines. No surprises here I guess.
A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted.....Very Soon!! Lets see happy hours at any bars or restaurants in the state.....but.......BUT.....we'll let casinos serve booze...all you can drink...for free, if you're on the gaming floor blowing your money on slots or roulettes. cause and effect ya think?
Mass. Lawmakers OK Gambling Bill That Allows 3 Casinos, 1 Slots ParlorMassachusetts lawmakers have approved a compromise of a bill designed to license up to three resort-style casinos and a single slots parlor.
Mass. Senate Approves Casino Gambling BillState senators have approved a bill that would allow the state to license up to three resort-style casinos and one slots parlor in Massachusetts.