Study Suggests Truckers Be Screened, Treated For Sleep ApneaThe study found that truckers with sleep apnea who did not follow their treatment had a five times higher rate of preventable crashes than truckers who didn't have the condition.
Burlington Company Hopes Airing Device Will Revolutionize Sleep Apnea TreatmentA local company has developed a new device that could be life-changing for sleep apnea patients.
Laser System Promises To Eliminate SnoringTechnology is promising a big breakthrough for people who snore, and maybe some peace for those who are nearby.
Weight Loss Surgery: A Tool for Better HealthWeight loss surgery is not just for losing weight. Studies show that losing a great deal of weight can help increase one's overall quality of health.
Number Of Children Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea Is On The RiseThere could be a medical reason why kids are waking up on a regular basis and the solution is often surgery.
Medical Minute
Medical Minute