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United Airlines Reaches Settlement In Skycap Tips Lawsuit

United Airlines has settled a lawsuit alleging that companies it contracted with to provide skycaps at airports around the country paid the workers less than minimum wage while not allowing them to keep all of their tips.


Logan International Airport. (Photo credit: C.J. GUNTHER/AFP/Getty Images)

Supreme Court Rejects Logan Skycaps’ Appeal In Tip Money Case

The Supreme Court has left in place a ruling that denied $333,000 to airport skycaps who claimed they were cheated out of tips when American Airlines started charging curbside baggage fees.


The control tower at Logan Airport (AP Photo)

Logan Skycaps Lose Tip Money Case In Court Reversal

A federal appeals court has reversed a lower court’s ruling that awarded more than $333,000 to nine skycaps at Logan Airport who claimed they were cheated out of tips.