Power Boat Sinks In New Hampshire Lake After Being Hit By Wake A boat traveling on a New Hampshire lake has been struck by a wake and has sunk, but its operator has been rescued.
6 Rescued From Sinking Nantucket-Bound Sailboat Off New Jersey Coast Five adults and a child are safe after the Coast Guard rescued them from their sinking sailboat off the New Jersey coast.
Cause Found In Lake Sunapee Dinner Cruise Boat Sinking Investigators say an "eraser size hole" caused a dinner cruise boat to sink in Lake Sunapee.
Driver Manages To Escape After Car Plunges Into Quincy BayIt took police divers about three hours to find a car that careened off the road Friday night and plunged into Quincy Bay. The driver managed to escape the sinking car.
Coast Guard: Don't know cause of `Patriot' sinking