Take Him Alive?Why do we think that just because President Obama gave an order to kill it is alright. Two wrongs don't make a right. Why not take bin Ladin alive? - David, Cambridge
Curious About The Guest ListWhy weren't the Obamas or a U.S. representative like H. Clinton invited to the royal wedding? The king of Swaiziland (?) is invited! -Marianne, Tewksbury
Longest On The Throne?At over 50 years on the throne, is Queen Elizabeth II's reign the longest, and will Prince Charles be the oldest to take over when it's time? - Robert, Fitchburg
What Would You Give the Royal Couple?I am curious about the royal wedding. If we "commoners" were invited, what would we give as a wedding present? Would we have to get a loan to give a "royal" present? - Mary Ellen, Maynard
Curious About the Anchor ChairKatie Couric was the anchor to serve CBS the shortest and the longest to serve was Dan Rather. I'm curious who the longest sitting anchor has been at WBZ? - Erica, Worcester
Curious About Longhorned Beetle PoisonIf the pesticide to control the Asian Longhorned Beetle is injected into Sugar Maple trees, would it poison the sap that could be collected from those trees to make maple syrup? Will the trees be identified that have been injected? -Ron, Franklin
Curious How Nurses' Strike Will Affect PatientsI am curious what will happen when multiple hospitals strike the same day? Tufts Medical Center in Boston and St. Vincent Hospital are both holding nursing strikes of over 1700 staff next Friday, May 6th. How can two big hospitals strike the same day and what will happen to the patients? This is very confusing to me. - Daniel, Allston
Curious About the Future of Social SecurityI'm curious what future seniors are thinking about how the govt. is using social security and how it's treating seniors now. - Ronald, Leominster