(Photo courtesy: Fairhaven police-Facebook)

Suspect Sought In Fairhaven Shovel Attack

Police in Fairhaven are looking for a man who assaulted another man with a shovel Tuesday night.


Shoveling (WBZ-TV)

Winter Cleanup Presents Health Dangers

The emergency room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is seeing plenty of injuries caused by falls, and they’re not just bruises.


Snow covers handicap parking spots days after a snowstorm in Boston. (Photo from Julie Loncich/WBZ)

Snow Covers Handicap Parking Spaces In Boston Days After Storm

Four days after the last significant snowfall, many handicap parking spaces are unplowed and some handicap ramps are not accessible in Boston.


Snow covered sidewalks in Lynn. (WBZ-TV)

Lynn Issues Hundreds Of Tickets For Unshoveled Sidewalks

The city has issued 525 tickets since the first of the year. Just last week more than 100 citations went out to property owners.


Salem (WBZ-TV)

Salem Recruits Teens To Shovel Sidewalks After Storm

When the storm hits Wednesday, Salem’s teenagers will be pitching in to clear some busy crosswalks and sidewalks.


Curious About Snowy Decks

I have heard so much conflicting information about snow on decks. Should snow be shoveled off the decks? Just how much snow will cause a deck to collapse? – Barbara, Concord