Price Matching: How To Get The Best Possible Deal

Getting the best deal on a major purchase can be as easy as just asking a store to match a competitor’s lower price.


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Your First Step To Spending Less And Saving More

Currently the U.S. savings rate is 2.5%. It was as high as 5% two years ago.

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Daily Talker: Scrapping Rewards Cards – Do You Buy The Sales Pitch?

Shaw’s and Star Market is scrapping its rewards cards program – promising “No card. No hassle. Everybody gets a great low price.” The company says it will lower prices on thousands of items — including milk, eggs and bread. Do you buy the sales pitch? Should other retailers follow suit?


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Happy New Year!

The last six weeks have been stressful. It started with Thanksgiving and will probably end tomorrow.

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The Day After Christmas

The stores are packed with shoppers returning things and trying to get just one more good deal.

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Store Owners Hope Last Minute Shoppers Make Up For Sluggish Season

Time is running out if you haven’t finished all your holiday shopping.


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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Many of you are in your cars driving to the malls or the local shopping center right now, doing the last minute stuff. Think about picking up some gift cards.

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Procrastinators Get The Best Deals On Gifts!

The deals out there are great right now. And if you shop online and think it’s too late, fear not!

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NH Shoppers Plan To Spend Less This Holiday Season

A new poll out from New England College says New Hampshire shoppers are hesitant to spend more this year than last year during the holiday season.


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Finding The Cash For Christmas

Where can you find some extra cash this week?

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