Shaw Memorial

This 1863 image of Sgt. Henry F. Steward is part of an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art featuring the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, one of the first African American units organized to fight for the Union in the Civil War. (Credit: Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society)

National Gallery Of Art Presents Exhibition On 54th Massachusetts Regiment

Months after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed 150 years ago, the first unit of black Northern soldiers was organized as the 54th Massachusetts Regiment and went on to fight at Fort Wagner in South Carolina during the Civil War.


Rosemine Occean was arrested for vandalizing a Civil War memorial.

Mental Health Eval. For Woman Accused Of Vandalizing Civil War Memorial

A woman accused of using a bucket of yellow paint to deface a Civil War memorial in front of the State House has been sent for a 20-day mental health evaluation.


Yellow paint on Shaw Memorial in Boston.

Woman Arrested For Vandalizing Boston Statue

Witnesses saw the suspect throwing yellow paint on the Shaw Memorial.