Scrap Metal

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Taunton Man Arrested For Stealing Almost 200 Brass Vases From Sharon Cemetery

Police have arrested a Taunton man suspected of stealing almost 200 brass vases from burial plots at a Sharon cemetery and selling them to a scrap metal dealer.


Thieves are stealing faucets from Lawrence cemeteries.

Scrap Metal Thieves Target Cemetery Faucets

Thieves are targeting cemeteries in Lawrence to score expensive scrap metal.


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Fall River Bans Scrap Metal Sales Of Government-Issued Materials

A new measure is in effect in Fall River that tightens up the requirements for buying and selling scrap metal.


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Metal Thieves Attempt To Steal 80-Foot Light Pole In Lynn

Some thieves are apparently no longer content with just stealing copper wiring off of utility poles in Lynn.


Catalytic converter. (file image)

Catalytic Converters Stolen Off SUVs For Scrap In Carver

Carver police say someone is stealing expensive car parts to sell off as scrap metal.


Richard Canada and his mother Nancy Murnane are accused of trying to steal a storm grate.

Police: Mom & Son Stole Sewer Grate For Scrap

A mother and son accused of trying to steal a manhole cover are facing charges.


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Man Charged With Stealing Swimming Pool For Scrap Metal

When a Greenfield family reported that their 24-foot diameter, above ground swimming pool had been stolen, police knew exactly where to look for it.


Thieves took at least 18 of these markers from the Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Donations Pour In After Theft Of Medallions From Veterans’ Graves

Officials in Abington in say they’re overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they have received from across the country.


Thieves took at least 18 of these markers from the Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Coakley Wants Laws To Track Scrap Metal Sales

Stealing metal such as copper or brass from abandoned houses has become big business.