Scott Farmelant

This train took four hours to travel from Boston to Worcester Monday night.

MBCR: Worcester 4-Hour Train Ride ‘Frustrating For Everybody’

The MBTA’s problems appear to be moving from bad to worse.


MBTA Delays

Commuter Rail May Face Financial Penalties For Week’s Failures

Mother Nature, old equipment and a surprisingly inept website conspired this week to bog down commuter services in Greater Boston, prompting the Massachusetts transport chief to apologize and pledge to do better.


Train Tracks

Road Salt Causing Some Commuter Line Delays

We all know the heavy snow and the bitter cold air plays a role in delays, but did you know that road salt is also a problem?


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MBTA Experiences More Problems During Commute

The MBTA and Commuter Rail have been plagued with problems this week, and Wednesday night seems to be no different.