More Money Regrets: Not Updating Beneficiary DesignationsBeneficiary designations are unique in that upon your death the asset passes to the named individuals on the account and they will bypass any will or trust that may be in place. Make sure they are up to date!
More Money Regrets: Borrowing From Your Retirement PlanMost 401(k) plans and some 403(b) and 457 plans allow the participant to borrow from their plan...but should you?
More Money Regrets: Not Checking Your Credit StatsAccording to, 35% of consumers have never checked their credit report even though it is free.
More Money Regrets: I Am Going To Live ForeverWe are all going to die. We just don’t know when. So it's not about what you have done, it’s about what you haven't.
More Money Regrets: No Emergency FundMore money regrets this week! According to the Economist, nearly half of American households said they could not cover an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing or selling something!
Money Regrets: Not Enough Saved For CollegeEarlier this month we discussed ways to save for college and I heard from listeners looking for ways to make up for lost time. They had not saved enough or anything in some cases.
Money Regrets: Not Saving Enough For RetirementI heard from retirees who had wished they had met me when they were 25. They regretted not starting to save for retirement until they were older.
Money Regrets: Credit Card DebtCredit cards seems to be an area where many consumers make really dumb moves. It is so easy to misuse what’s in your wallet.
Money Regrets: Shoppers RegretShoppers regret usually sets in once you get home after a shopping trip with friends or when the credit card bill comes due.
Money Regrets: The Expensive WeddingThis has proved to be a very popular series so I thought we should do it again. We will talk about all the dumb things we do involving money.
Paying For College: Other Ways To Pay For CollegeIf your kid is in her senior year of high school and there is nothing set aside for her college education, it’s too late to do much more than stick whatever extra cash you can in a savings account.
Paying For College: Using US Savings BondsThe Education Bond Program was the first program available to offer any kind of a tax break for parents trying to save for college.

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