Santa Claus

Santa Claus arrives in Saugus.

Santa Visit Nearly Nixed Over ‘Holiday’ Concerns

Santa Claus arrived in Saugus on Tuesday riding a fire truck and handing out coloring books to school kids. Because of concerns over religious holidays, the trip nearly didn’t happen.


Santa Claus at the Watertown Mall. (Photo Credit: Drew Moholland)

WBZ WaterCooler: Visiting Santa Claus

At the WBZ Water Cooler: Santa Claus made a stop at the Watertown Mall. So the WBZ Water Cooler had to be there as well.


A Boston police motorcycle officer was involved in a crash while reportedly escorting Santa Claus to an event.

Officer Injured In Crash While Escorting Mayor’s Christmas Trolley Tour

A Boston police officer escorting the Mayor’s Christmas Trolley Tour was injured in an accident on Washington Street in Roslindale on Friday night.


(credit: MSPCA)

Santa Loves Pets Too

Santa took some time over the weekend to hang out with his furry friends.




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