Can Your Baby's Name Predict Future Success? Study Says YesAccording to the findings, parents of an "Oscar" or a "George" will be happy to know their sons had the highest future average salary.
The Male vs. Female Pay GapAfter the great Depression of the 30s and during World War II, companies found they could pay the women less than they had paid the men.
2011 Boston Police Salaries Raise QuestionsIn 2011, 128 Boston Police officers made more than the Mayor and the Police Commissioner who are paid $175,000.
Lynn Overspends Snow Budget In Mild WinterLike every city, Lynn overspends its snow budget every year. But this year's mild winter uncovered a secret.
Report: 631 MBTA Employees Made More Than $100,000 Last YearThe MBTA has hired nearly 900 new employees in the past two years even as the transit agency struggles with deep debt that has prompted proposals for fare hikes.
Reports Offer Peek Into Finances Of Brown, Kerry, Frank, & OthersFinancial disclosure reports filed by members of Massachusetts' congressional delegation are offering a glimpse inside the outside sources of income of the state's representatives in Washington.