NFL Welcomes Controversy: New Catch Rule Reportedly Applied To Eagles' TDs In Super Bowl Win Vs. PatriotsIn trying to "fix" the rules regarding what is and what is not a catch, the NFL may have inadvertently admitted that it improperly applied some rules when the Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.
NBA Rule Changes Reportedly Include Fewer Timeouts, Earlier Trade DeadlineIf you love to watch basketball but can't stand that the final minutes of a game feel more like an hour, you'll be happy with the NBA's new rule changes.
NFL Approves Rule For Ejections On Head Hits, Ban On Leaping Line To Block KicksIf an NFL player makes an "egregious" hit to an opponent next year, he's going to be sent to the showers early.
Men's, Women's Basketball Coaches React To NCAA Rule ChangesThe NCAA announced this week new rules changes for both men’s and women’s basketball in advance of the 2015-2016 season.
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Patriots' Proposals Among NFL Rule Changes Up For Voting Next WeekThe NFL is king of the American sports landscape, but that doesn't mean the sport is content to stay the same.
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