Mitt Romney’s NCAA Bracket Was Almost PerfectIt might just be the biggest upset of the NCAA tournament.
Sunday Night On Jay Talking: How Will ObamaCare Affect Those Already Under RomneyCare?Given that we already have state level reform or "RomneyCare" in Massachusetts, what does the ACA mean for the Bay State?
OMG America.....What Have You Done?Oh yes there was disappointment, disbelief, anger and sadness, but tossin' and turnin' in my bed from about 1 a.m. to nearly 5 a.m.......the one emotion I've settled on is "embarassement"......embarassement for Uncle Sam....and embarassement for the millions of Americans who believe they did the right thing.
Bradley Jay: "Do President Obama and Mitt Romney Really Despise Each Other, Or Is It Just Business?"Could President Obama And Mitt Romney Ever Work Together? Click play and find out if your neighbors agree with you.
Does The Recent Rise In The Unemployment Rate Make You Lean Towards Romney?Do you feel that President Obama is to blame for the sluggish economy?
Keller @ Large: No Shock That Poll Finds Obama-Romney In Virtual TieThe poll finding seems entirely plausible. It’s a 50/50 country, has been for years, and a virtual tie at this point makes perfect sense.
Just Line 'Em Up.......I'm In A Bad Mood Today...... Please tell me the debates among Republican candidates for President are almost done. With a little luck, Mitt Romney is going to clean house in South Carolina and end most of the bickering, because this party has got to get back to it's root cause.......find a way to make BHO a one-term President. I believe it can and will be done.
Bradley Jay: 'Don't Forget, Romney Exceeded Expectations Too.'
Should Newt Gingrich Give Back The Freddie Mac Money?Romney says Newt Gingrich should Give Back The Freddie Mac Money?
Bradley Jay Calls 2012 Presidential Election.
Bye Bye Sarah P......Helllooo Michele B !!!There are "thoughts and things" I took away from the first public forum among the Republican candidates for President, which I'll undoubtedly share in the forseeable future.......but I have to say, the most dominant take-away was the performance of Congresswoman Michele Bachman.
Romney endorses GOP's Golnik in House campaign