Bill Would Ban All Robocalls In MassachusettsThose calls offering free cruises, loan modifications, supposedly important information from the FBI and more could soon stop.
FCC: Americans Get 2.5 Billion Robocalls A MonthThe FCC is now cracking down on the robocall blitz, instituting new rules for phone companies to use in dealing with the rise of scam calls.
You Could Get Up To $900 In Free Cruise Robocall SettlementIf you've ever received one of those annoying robocalls claiming you’ve won a free cruise, it may be time to cash in.
FCC Vows To Stop Billions Of Robocalls From TelemarketersThe FCC has vowed to end robocalls from telemarketers, but how can they do it?
States Try To Block Robocalls That Go Straight To VoicemailMassachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is joining several other states to prevent so-called "ringless robocalls".
New Service Detects, Hangs Up On RobocallsA new service will hang up the phone if it detects a robocaller.
New FCC Rules Require Consent For Automated Telephone 'Robocalls'It's called the "Do Not Call Registry". But signing up your phone number doesn't always stop those unwanted robocalls and texts.
Brown, Warren Trade Accusations In Federal Election Commission Complaints The Massachusetts Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Friday charging that Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown illegally coordinated with a group affiliated with GOP strategist Karl Rove on automated phone calls targeting Democrat Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts Republican Party responded hours later by preparing its own FEC complaint charging Warren with illegally coordinating with the AFL-CIO on anti-Brown mailings.
Keller @ Large: Does Robocall Crackdown Go Far Enough?Guess what still isn’t covered, for legal reasons – robocalls on behalf of political candidates.
FCC Cracks Down On RobocallsTelemarketers will now need your permission before they can call you.
Should Political Robocalls Be On 'Do Not Call List'?A local legislator wants to slow the tide of endless robocalls that begin to stream in during election season.
Debit Card Holders Warned Of Local ScamIn several local towns, police said residents are getting calls claiming their debit card has been locked.