Drunk Driving Victims Celebrate Defeat Of "Happy Hour" AmendmentThe walking and running group, Girls on the Go, mobilized behind its founder, Erin Brenton, to stop the effort that could have repealed the current Happy Hour Law.
"Happy Hour" Amendment Off The Table?Supporters of the Restaurant Equality Amendment are asking the casino bill conference committee to remove the Restaurant Protection Amendment and replace it with a review of current state laws.
Victim Of 1982 Drunk Driving Crash To Fight 'Happy Hour' AmendmentA victim of a car crash in 1982 is fighting the passage of the "Happy Hour" amendment.
Author Of Happy Hour Amendment Accused Of Having Conflict Of InterestThe sponsor of the bill that includes a provision to restore "happy hour" to bars across Massachusetts is facing criticism because he's the part-owner of a restaurant that may benefit from the new law.
Could Happy Hour Be Returning To Massachusetts?The Senate passed an amendment in the casino debate to level the playing field between casinos and outside businesses that could be a first step in the return of so-called Happy Hour specials.
State Breaking Promise To Adopted ChildrenState law says many adopted kids are entitled to free tuition and fees at any state college. However, once accepted, these kids are being told there is no money.
Mass. Sen. Pres. Therese Murray On Finland Trade MissionTherese Murray is leading a bipartisan trade mission to Finland to try to open European business markets and expand opportunities for Massachusetts companies.