Gary Lapierre

Knuckleheads One…Us (U.S.) Nothing!

We fought a little when the prices went up to $4 and above and sure enough, the prices dropped rather precipitously to the low $3’s. But did we demand more? Nope….and sure enough the prices started back up again, above $3.50…..now above $3.70 and what are we sheep saying? “Well, at least it’s not back to $4.”


The dirt spot marks the original burial site for Mary Richardson Kennedy at St. Francis Xavier Cemetery in Centerville. (Photo by Bernice Corpuz)

Mary Kennedy’s Son Likely To Oversee Estate

A judge says he’ll likely approve a request from the 18-year-old son of Mary and Robert Kennedy Jr. to be named administrator of his mother’s estate.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mary Kennedy seen on December 4, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Report: Mary Kennedy’s Body Moved At Cape Cemetery At RFK Jr.’s Request

The body of Mary Richardson Kennedy was reportedly exhumed and moved 700 feet to a new plot at St. Francis Xavier Cemetery in Centerville last week.