Retirement Realities: The Dress RehearsalBefore you start retirement for real, consider a dress rehearsal to see if you are really ready to retire.
Where Do You Want To Roost?“Let’s go someplace warm this winter” is heard in many conversations. You want some place warm to avoid the winter cold and snow.
The Snow Bird MigrationWhen it’s snowing and blowing with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees in New England the snowbirds want to be somewhere where it’s sunny and a pleasant 75 degrees.
Plans For Retiring EarlyI found that early for most people was age 55.
Which Kid Do You Want To Live With? None of us want to live with our kids but if you have not done retirement planning 101 you may end up living with one of your kids.
As A Snowbird, Where Do You Want To Nest?Before you rent or buy you need to do some homework.
Snow Birds: Where Do You Want To Nest?Winter is coming. The real snowbirds, the Juncos, are down from Canada and are at the bird feeders.
Snow Birds: The MigrationWell it’s begun! Get on any highway in Massachusetts and you will see the RVs heading south.