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Real Estate Market May Be Rebounding In Mass.

While home prices may not be jumping, sales in many communities are. Brokers and those who track the housing market say there is reason for optimism.


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Spring Cleaning: What Should You Keep, How Long, And Where?

Most of us keep too much of the paper that comes into our homes.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–03/23/2012

Dream House Realty offers discounts to veterans.

Pepperell Real Estate Broker Offers Discount Program For Veterans

A Pepperell real estate broker is doing his part to try and help out veterans returning from overseas.


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Mutual Funds: Your Statement

Your mutual fund company sends out an annual statement the end of January.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–01/06/2012

Money Matters – Dumb Money Moves: Having The Wrong Asset Allocation For Your Goals

This is a biggie and most people don’t even know they are messing with it until it’s too late.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–09/21/2011

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Baby Boomers Banking On Home Values May Be Surprised

A Lot of baby boomers are betting on the value of their home to help get them through retirement. But the money they were banking on might not be there.


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Home Sales In Massachusetts Take Another Hit

The bottom in home sales has not yet been achieved, according to the latest sales figures.



Open Houses Aren’t Just For Potential Buyers, You Can Learn A Lot

Open Houses aren’t just for people looking to buy. There are good reasons to check out houses you have no intention of buying.


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Mortgage Delinquencies Slip In Greater Boston

The rate of delinquent payments around Boston hit a near two-year low in April while foreclosure activity continued to cool


Lori Bruno "cleansing" a home.

North Shore Realtors Relying On Witchcraft To Help Home Sales

Some North Shore realtors are turning to a Salem-based witch to thelp them sell homes.