Voting booths (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Opinion: Presidential Poll Trolling

Though the polls give political junkies a rush – and can put them on a natural high for a time or sink them into the bowels of depression – they mean absolutely nothing on Election Day. The poll taken on Election Day at the nation’s polling booths is obviously the only one that counts.


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Poll: Ivy League Students Don’t Make Better Workers

Parents struggle to send their children child to an Ivy League school in part because they hope it will make them a better worker. But will it?


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Poll Fever In The Governor’s Race

The hills are alive with the sound of eleventh-hour governor’s race polls.


Author discusses book about Tea Party movement

WBZ’s Ed Wash chats with pollster Scott Rasmussen, co-writer of “Mad As Hell.”


Lt. Gov. looks at poll numbers

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray talks about the latest Rasmussen Poll and campaign issues with WBZ’s Ed Walsh.