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Explosion at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Okumamachi, Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011. (AP Photo/NTV/NNN Japan)

Curious About Radiation Risks

If radiation causes cancer, why is radiation one of the treatments for cancer? – Richard, Worcester


New equipment may be harming dental patients.

New Dental Equipment Causing Radiation Concerns

Advancements in medical technology help keep us healthy and even save thousands of lives every year. But there are concerns that some of the newest equipment in dental offices could actually be doing us harm.


(credit: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Radiation Reduction

Learn about safety and imaging and how BIDMC is committed to “Image Lightly”

CBS Boston–12/21/2010

(credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Cell Phone Radiation: How To Cut Your Exposure

There are some new products coming out which claim to minimize the risk of potential cancer threats from cell phones.


(credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Curious About Harmful Effects Of Cell Phones

Almost all of us own cell phones, and a lot of people seem to have them glued to their ears. That’s why there’s a continuing concern about the tiny…



Medical Minute

WBZ’s Dr. Murray Feingold talks about CT scans and their radiation risk.