Massachusetts Drops Snake Island Plan That Rattled ResidentsMassachusetts is dropping its plan to establish a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an uninhabited island.
Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Quabbin Reservoir SandbarA small plane was forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday afternoon at the Quabbin Reservoir.
Record-Breaking Trout Weighing 25 Pounds Caught In Quabbin ReservoirA local man has one incredible fish story to tell after his record-breaking catch.
At Hearing, Environmental Officials Explain Quabbin Reservoir Rattlesnake PlanState environmental officials didn't expect such an uproar over their plan to establish a refuge for endangered, venomous timber rattlesnakes on an off-limits island in the Quabbin Reservoir--so they're forming a working group to get input from the public.
Panel To Hold Hearing On Rattlesnake Island PlanArea residents will have an opportunity to sound off on the state's plan to create a refuge for endangered rattlesnakes on an uninhabited Quabbin Reservoir island.
Quabbin Rattlesnake Proposal Gets Another Public HearingMassachusetts residents are getting another chance to voice their opinions about a state plan to establish a timber rattlesnake colony on an off-limits Quabbin Reservoir island.
Proposed Rattlesnake Island In Quabbin Reservoir Sparks FearsThe public's concerns stem from the fact that rattlesnakes can swim and the island is connected to the mainland by a pair of narrow causeways.
Gov. Baker Supports 'Rattlesnake Island' In Quabbin ReservoirThe Department of Fisheries and Wildlife wants to make a Quabbin Reservoir island home to the venomous timber rattlesnake, which is indigenous to the state.
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Moose Goes For Swim In Belchertown's Quabbin ReservoirTuesday's heat proved to be too much for one local moose, who decided to go for a swim in the Quabbin Reservoir Spillway.
State Police Looking For Owner Of Ring Found Near Quabbin ReservoirHave you lost a ring and recently visited the Quabbin Reservoir area? If so, Massachusetts State Police may have it.
7 Cited For Trespassing At Quabbin Reservoir Not Connected To Criminal GroupsState Police and the FBI have determined that the seven people caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir earlier this week have no connection to any criminal activity or groups.