Many Hospitals Refuse To Go Along With Scheduled Births

A growing number of institutions are adopting hospital-wide bans against non-medical induction before 39 weeks.


Pregnant woman

Risks And Rewards Of Having Children Later In Life

According to the Department of Public Health, the average age of first time moms in Massachusetts is 27.7, the highest in the country.



Research Could Pinpoint Postpartum Depression Risks

Local researchers have started a study to see if they can identify women who are at high risk of developing the condition.


File Photo (credit: AP)

How To ‘Baby-Proof’ Your Marriage

A recent study showed two-thirds of couples felt less satisfied with their relationship within the first three years of having a child.


Parents Warned Of Baby Monitor Danger

Like many new parents, Monica Halsey didn’t want to let her newborn son out of her sight for even a second.


Looking At The Law: Vasectomy, Or Not?

WBZ’s Neil Chayet says you’d better ask for proof.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–12/15/2010

Medical Minute: Miscarriage

WBZ’s Dr. Murray Feingold talks about pregnancy and miscarriage.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–12/09/2010

Court: Maternity job protection is 8 weeks

The highest court in Massachusetts has ruled that state law is clear when it comes to maternity leave: employers are not required to guarantee a woman’s job beyond eight weeks.




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