Study: More Kids Affected By Maternal Alcohol Intake Than Previously ThoughtAccording to a new study, the number of children affected by maternal alcohol use is much higher than previously thought.
New Study Finds 'Baby Brain' Really Does ExistMany women say that when they're pregnant they just don't feel as mentally sharp as they do when they're not pregnant, but is there really such a thing as baby brain? The answer is likely "yes".
More Pregnant Women Are Using Pot, Study FindsDoctors caution that the health effects of marijuana on a fetus remain unclear.
Women Who Have Trouble Sleeping May Struggle With InfertilityIf you're struggling to get pregnant, your sleep, or lack thereof, may be contributing.
Bill Aims To Improve Working Conditions For Pregnant WomenMassachusetts lawmakers are being urged to approve a bill that would require employers to offer reasonable accommodations for pregnant or nursing workers.
US Women Increasingly Using Pot During Pregnancy, Study FindsU.S. women are increasingly using marijuana during pregnancy, sometimes to treat morning sickness, new reports suggest.
Drinking Diet Soda While Pregnant Can Lead To Childhood Obesity, Study SuggestsPregnant women who drink diet soda every day may be more likely to have babies that develop weight issues, according to a new study.
During Pregnancy, Tylenol May Increase Kids' Asthma Risk , Chocolate May Be BeneficialThere's evidence that taking Tylenol during pregnancy or giving it to young infants could increase a child’s risk of developing asthma by age 3.
CDC Urges Millions Of Women Not To Drink Unless Using Birth ControlDrinking and having sex without using birth control puts a developing baby at risk, the CDC says.
No Evidence 'Natural' IVF Is Better Than TraditionalIt's being called “natural” IVF and offers a woman the option to have the embryos form inside her womb rather than outside.
Pregnancy Apps Offer Tips To Expecting MothersThere are more than 1,800 pregnancy apps expecting mothers can choose from.
Doctors Give New Advice For Treating Morning SicknessDoctors are providing new expert advice on the best ways to treat morning sickness.

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