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2 Winners In $587.5 Million Powerball Jackpot

There were two winning tickets in the record $587.5 million Powerball jackpot. Four tickets worth $1 million were sold in Massachusetts.


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Powerball Jackpot Could Hit $900 Million, If No One Wins Tonight

So which numbers are the most drawn and least picked in Powerball?


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Big Lottery Winners Share Lessons, Risks Of Powerball Win

If you win the $550 million Powerball jackpot, the second highest in lottery history, what would happen next?


Cash, Bank

Comment: What Would You Do With $550 Million?

So what would you do with that kind of money? We want to know.


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Powerball Jackpot Now Up To $500 Million

The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday night’s drawing was increased to a record $500 million Tuesday because of soaring ticket sales.


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No Winners, Powerball Jackpot To Increase To Record $425 Million

Lottery officials say nobody has won the Powerball jackpot and the top prize will now increase to about $425 million for the next drawing, the largest jackpot ever for the game


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Saturday’s Powerball Jackpot Is 4th Highest Ever

Black Friday shoppers in many cities briefly detoured into lottery retailers, drawn off task by the prospects of winning a $325 million Powerball jackpot — the fourth-largest in the game’s history.


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One Winner In $337 Million Powerball Drawing

A winning ticket in the $337 million Powerball drawing has been sold at a gas station in Michigan.


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Powerball Jackpot Now $320 Million

This jackpot is the fourth largest in the 20-year history of Powerball.


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Mystery Person Buys 2 Winning Powerball Tickets In New Hampshire

Someone bought two winning Powerball tickets worth $2 million at a convenience store in Portsmouth.