Nicholas Barron of HOLEPATCH LLC, places two bags of a liquid/solid material into the pot hole to temporarily fill it until a permanent fix can be performed.  This method will help drivers from hitting the pot hole and possibly sustaining damage to their vehicles. (Credit: Isabel Leon, City Of Boston)

City Of Boston Trying Out New Materials To Fill Potholes

The City Of Boston is trying out some new materials to fill potholes this year with hopes that they will save city time and eventually money.



Potholes Keep Boston Area Auto Repair Shops Busy

Potholes are causing big problems for drivers in Eastern Massachusetts. All over the Boston area gaping craters are wrecking tires and rims.


A large pothole opened up on Warren St. in Waltham each of the last two weeks -- taking a few tires with it in the process.

Pothole Season Has Begun In Boston

‘Tis the season for those teeth-chattering, car jarring potholes.


A Public Works employee fixes a pothole. "Potzilla" in the background.

Boston Takes Advantage Of Warm Weather, Fills Potholes

The city’s pothole fixing machine nicknamed “Potzilla” hit the road Thursday, patching some spots.


File Image (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Curious About White Line Potholes

Why do potholes proliferate where traffic lines are painted? I am no Chemical Engineer but it appears the paint is causing increased deterioration of the asphault. Am I the only one who has noticed this? – Bob, Plymouth


File image (credit: AP)

Boston Wants Help Developing App To Locate Potholes

Summer may be around the corner, but the city of Boston is still focused on something that comes about because of winter weather – potholes.



Crews Race To Fill Potholes On Boston Marathon Route

Crews are scrambling to fill cracks and potholes along a particular 26.2 mile stretch of roadway.


The senors at work on the Boston Street Bump app.

Boston Targets Potholes With Phone App, Patcher

The city thinks it’s found a better way to fill potholes faster – with an app and a new machine.


File image (credit: AP)

Road Crews Struggle To Keep Up With Potholes

Potholes big and small are covering roads from Boston to Springfield, Cape Ann to Cape Cod.



Curious Who Pays For Pothole Damage

Who is responsible if your car becomes damaged by a pothole? You or the town/city where the pothole is? – Karen, W. Roxbury