Police Overtime

Protesters staged a die-in upon reaching a police barricade. (WBZ-TV)

Boston Protests Cost More Than $2M In Police Overtime

Protesters in Boston have been peaceful but have tried to shut down major highways.


A police officer and dog guard stand behind barricades after police arrested people sleeping in an expansion of the Occupy Boston tent village on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

Police: Official Overtime Cost For Occupy Boston At $146K

Boston police have released the first official numbers on just how much it’s costing to patrol the Occupy Boston protests.


(Photo courtesy: Occupy Boston Media)

Councilor: Police Overtime For Occupy Boston Could Cost $2 Million

While protesters continue to occupy Dewey Square, Boston police continue to patrol the area to ensure things stay civil. But how much is it going to cost?