Pledge Of Allegiance

(credit: AP)

Brookline Parents Need To Sign Off On Pledge Of Allegiance

Devotion School in Brookline sent a letter home to parents informing parents the pledge would soon be recited weekly. It included a form for families to sign off on whether their children would participate.


Pledge of allegiance in Arlington

On the first day of school, Arlington High School senior Sean Harrington lead a couple dozen people in saying the pledge of allegiance outside the school. Inside, students also recited the pledge, but for the […]


Keller At Large 07/21/10

Jon says reciting the Pledge of Allegiance gives students the chance to learn more about their country.


The Pledge in Arlington (7/7/2010)

Arlington School Committee chair Joe Curro talks about a proposal he has drafted to bring the Pledge of Alegence back to the classroom.