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Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Back In Service After $70M Upgrade

The only nuclear power plant in Massachusetts is back on line after a $70 million, monthlong, refueling and maintenance project.


(Credit: CBS)

Plymouth Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down For Repairs

The Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Plymouth was shut down last weekend so workers could repair what ownership called a small steam leak in the plant’s feed water system.


Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

Feds Find Safety Violations, Want Stricter Review On Plymouth Nuclear Plant

Federal nuclear regulators say the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth is subject to additional oversight related to an emergency shutdown in May.


Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

NRC Sends Inspection Team To Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission sent a three-member inspection team to the Pilgrim nuclear power plant on Monday to try and figure out what led to an automatic shutdown last week that’s been blamed on human error.


Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

NRC Assures Governor: Local Nuclear Plants Are Safe

Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are reassuring state leaders that nuclear plants in and around Massachusetts are safe, even as they order inspections of the plants here and across the country.