Dog grooming (Photo credit Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Dog Deaths During Grooming Revive Calls For Regulations

Legislation is pending in Massachusetts and other states to regulate the grooming industry.


Petco (Photo credit Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Petco Pulls Chinese Treats Amid Fears They Sickened Pets

Petco said Monday it has removed all remaining Chinese-made dog and cat treats from its website and stores nationwide because of concerns they have sickened thousands of pets and killed 1,000 dogs in the U.S. since 2007.


(Credit: Cambridge Police)

Boa Constrictor Found On Cambridge Porch

The red-tailed Boa, about 4 to 5-feet long, was discovered around 9 a.m. on King Place.


A snake in India. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Rare Snakes Worth $1,150 Stolen From Taunton Store

Police say two rare and expensive baby snakes were stolen from Petco Sunday afternoon.