Peanut Allergy

(Courtesy: Stop and Shop-Facebook)

Stop And Shop Recalls Sylvia’s Hot Spice

Stop and Shop announced Saturday that it removed Sylvia’s Sizzling Hot Spice because it may contain peanuts.



Washing Dishes By Hand Could Protect Kids From Allergies

Dr. Mallika Marshall reports on two big allergy headlines that could help protect your children from developing allergies in the first place.


Cameron Fitzpatrick.

19-Year-Old Plymouth Man Dies Of Peanut Allergy

Cameron was 19-years-old and had a severe peanut allergy.


Ariana Polchlopeck saved her 8-year-old brother, who was suffering an anaphylactic reaction to a peanut alergy.

Ashland Teen Saves Brother Suffering Severe Allergic Reaction

A 14-year-old Ashland girl is being called a hero after helping save her brother’s life.