How To Get Paid On Time, Every TimeNot getting paid on time could cause permanent damage to your company, particularly if you were counting on the payment.
The Bank Of Mom & DadShould you loan or give your adult kids money?
Kids & Credit CardsCredit cards can be a problem no matter what age you are.
Teach Children To Save Day!April is Financial Literacy Month and The American Bankers Association is sponsoring a Teach Children to Save Day tomorrow, April 24th.
The Paper ShuffleYou know the routine here, you move your stuff from one place to the next and maybe back again when you need the dining room table. It's called The Paper Shuffle.
Get The FAFSA Form Done First!The first step in finding financial aid for college is to get the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form done.
Other Ways To Pay For CollegeIf your kid is in her senior year and there is nothing set aside for her college education it’s too late to do much more than stick whatever extra cash you can in a savings account.
More Credit Tips & Pitfalls From The National Foundation For Credit CounselingLet's talk about automatic bill paying and co-signing loans.
The Schumer BoxSo what is the Schumer box?
Understanding Your Credit ScoreCredit scores are a quick and easy method for a creditor to judge you as a potential customer.
The Importance Of Reviewing Your Credit StatementDo you review your credit card statement each month? You should!
The Credit TalkJust like you give your kids the sex talk, you need to give them the credit talk as well.