House Advances Bill To Allow Parking Enforcement Via CamerasCameras could replace parking meter readers in Massachusetts under legislation given initial approval in the House.
App To Pay Parking Tickets Debuts In BostonBoston drivers can now send in parking ticket payments on their phones by downloading the TicketZen app.
Free Parking In Boston And Toys To Pay For TicketsThere are 9,000 free parking spaces in Boston Friday and Saturday and every Saturday right through the end of the month.
Keene, NH Sues 'Robin Hood' For Paying Parking Meters That Have Run OutThe Robin Hooders typically track down the parking officers, and fill the meters before tickets can be written.
Old Parking Tickets Come Back To Haunt Mass. DriversIf you think those old parking tickets stuffed in the back of a drawer somewhere have been forgotten about by the DMV, think again.
UMass To Reimburse Students $15,000 For Move-In Day Parking ConfusionUMass plans to reimburse students about $15,000 for a parking snafu on move-in day that resulted in 132 cars getting towed from a campus lot.
Snowless North Shore Towns Still Enforce Winter Parking BansThere’s no snow, but several towns are enforcing winter parking bans and even handing out hundreds of tickets.
City Of Boston Targets Old, Unpaid Parking Tickets To Raise $5 MillionWBZ-TV has learned details about a move by the city of Boston to collect nearly $5 million from old parking tickets.
Mass. Supreme Court: $275 Fee To Appeal $15 Ticket Is ConstitutionalOn Thursday, the Mass. SJC ruled unanimously that appeals courts can charge whatever they want for parking ticket appeals and that the fees don’t violate any fundamental right.
Parking Hard To Find In The North End Due To Street CleaningAs if parking weren't bad enough. It just got even worse in one of Boston's most popular neighborhoods.
Street Sweeping Begins In North EndAfter a messy winter in the North End, the snow has melted, paving the way for spring. Though, the streets could use some cleaning.
Money Matters - Dumb Money Moves: DrivingBreaking any of the rules when you are driving can cost you and those are dollars you are wasting just because you have a heavy foot or you think a yellow light means step on the gas.