Parking Ticket

Parking ticket (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Boston Parking Ticket Secrets

The I-Team discovered a few secrets about how parking tickets are written that just may help you avoid that dreaded orange envelope.


An I-Team investigation found Suffolk County Jail employees used bogus parking tickets on their windshields to avoid getting real tickets. (Credit: WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Suffolk County Jail Employees Scam Free Downtown Street Parking

Finding a place to park can be one of the most frustrating, and expensive, things about living or working in Boston. “I pay wild numbers,” one woman told us in the North End.


Quentin Carmichael on patrol in Afghanistan.

Soldier Just Back From Afghanistan Fights City Over Parking Ticket

National Guard Captain Quentin Carmichael says the Worcester Parking Administrator has denied his request to dismiss a parking ticket and fine from his deployment.


Parking in the Snow

Boston Defends Parking Tickets

People who had parked in Brighton Tuesday night were upset after getting $35 tickets. They said they couldn’t see the curb and had to park somewhere.