Parking Meters

Richard M. Dunn (L) and Richard E. Dunn (R) are charged with assaulting a police officer.

Accused Parking Meter Thief Had Run-In With Police At House Fire In June

Police in Taunton say they caught a Norton man in the act of stealing parking meters earlier this week.


Boston Parking Meter Card

City Offering New Boston Parking Meter Card

The city’s Office of the Parking Clerk has announced the release of a new re-loadable card that commuters can use to park in Boston.


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More Boston Parking Meters Accepting Credit, Debit Cards

The city has upgraded dozens of parking meters so they now take credit and debit cards.


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Boston Meter Parking Rates Increasing

Parking at a meter in Boston will soon cost 25 percent more. The city’s transportation department plans to start retrofitting the city’s more than 7,000 parking meters Saturday.