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How To Pack A Suit For Your Next Trip

Here are some tips on packing a suit to maintain that professional look in the business world.


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The Discretionary Items In Your Budget

Let’s quickly look at a few more discretionary items in your budget.

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Boston Group Launches Campaign To Warn Teens About Saggy Pants

An advocacy group in Boston is kicking off a sagging campaign to warn teens who wear their pants hanging down that they could face a fine or possible jail time for indecent exposure.


Investigators believe these may be the remains of Caleigh Anne Harrison's pants

Pants Found On Gloucester Beach May Be Linked To Missing Rockport Girl

The remains of a pair of pants that washed ashore in Gloucester last week may be linked to a 2-year-old girl who vanished off a Rockport beach last spring.


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Style It Up: A Fab Outfit For Under $50

Fashion expert Michelle McCormack shows you how easy it can be to put together an entire outfit for under $50 bucks.


New Album Called Drive

Bradley Jay’s Top Three Complaints Of The Week!!!

Here are the three things that really got Bradley Jay’s goat this week. Do they bother you too, or is Bradley just a cranky guy?

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