Kerry Helping Local Pakistani Lesbian Facing Deportation A Beverly couple met in college, fell in love, and got married. One isn't a United States citizen. This wouldn't be a problem for most couples, but for Jackie and Gloria, the situation is dangerous.
Technology Makes New England A Target For International SpiesNew England is hiding some of the world's most sensitive secrets. The FBI helps trains contractors to be on guard.
Man Held In Times Square Bomb Attempt Probe Deported To PakistanFederal immigration officials say a Pakistani man arrested in Massachusetts during the investigation into last year's failed Times Square bombing has been deported to Pakistan.
Kerry Says Relations With Pakistan At CrossroadsThe chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says the US-Pakistan relationship is at a critical juncture and both countries need to get it right.
Kerry Agrees To 'Steps' In Improving Pakistan TiesSen. John Kerry says he and Pakistani leaders have agreed on a "series of steps" to improve their nations' fraying ties.
John Kerry To Visit PakistanSen. John Kerry will travel to Pakistan and Afghanistan in the coming days in what would be the first such trip by a senior lawmaker since the bin Laden operation.
Sen. Brown Delivers GOP Response To President's Radio Address U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is praising President Obama for hunting down and killing Osama bin Laden during the GOP response to the President's weekly radio address.
Local Blackhawk Pilot Says Conditions In Pakistan 'Harsh'A local Army colonel who has been flying Blackhawk helicopters since 1985 said the Navy Seals who killed Osama bin Laden faced a difficult mission.