A Reluctant Celebrity Is Rare. A Stupid Celebrity Is Everywhere.And for what it's worth, if the folks at the Augusta National Golf Club refuse to admit women, that's fine with me and I've got a feeling it's fine with the IBM Ceo Ginni Rometty as well. Yes she plays golf, but if she's as smart as purported to be, I'm sure she'll be fine not having to hang out with that boorish group of men in the first place.
Toucher & Rich: Ozzie Guillen Fill In The BlankGuillen is known for opening his mouth and saying some interesting things, so T&R decided they'd play a little "Ozzie Guillen Fill In The Blank."
Guillen Gets Ejected, A Wave From Bobby VMiami Marlins Ozzie Guillen was ejected from a spring training game for disputing a foul ball, then got a wave goodbye from Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine in Boston's 5-3 win in 10 innings Monday.
No Francona In Chicago: Robin Ventura To Manage White SoxVentura, known for his slick fielding, clutch hitting and left-handed power, has a good sense of humor and a well-rounded perspective on the game.
Ozzie Guillen Sounds Off On Former Closer JenksOzzie Guillen responded Saturday to comments by former closer Bobby Jenks, saying he feels bad for the new Boston Red Sox reliever.
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