Owl Found Under Car Hood During Oil ChangeA mechanic popped the hood of a car and found an owl sitting on the engine.
Owl Stuck In Truck Rehabilitated, Released In WilmingtonAn owl that was hit by a truck last spring and traveled from Massachusetts to New Hampshire wedged between the truck cab and trailer is ready to hunt crawfish and moles again.
Owl Gets Stuck In Methuen Family's Living Room“Who” was that coming down the chimney in Methuen this weekend?
MBTA Employees Help Owl After It Collides With Green Line TrainMBTA employees helped a feathered friend get medical attention after it flew into a Green Line trolley late Wednesday night.
Injured Barred Owl Returned To Wild In FraminghamAnimal rescuers released an injured owl back into the wild this week after a month-long recovery.
Owl Slams Into State Police Cruiser In AtholA different kind of bird found its way into the hands of humans the day before Turkey Day.
Owl Crashes Into Pickup Truck Grill, SurvivesAn owl survived a frightening head-on crash with a pickup truck in Vermont.
Owl Found On Salem SidewalkA baby owl was found along busy Canal Street Sunday.