Toucher & Rich: Do You Know Your Ballot Questions?Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo out on the streets to gauge opinions on some of the hard-hitting issues, other than the boring old “who people are voting for” questions.
98 Mile II Extras: The Outtakes98 Mile II is over and Wallach was crowned the winner of this year's competition. Something you really didn't get to hear were the great outtakes from the raps.
98 Mile II Extras: Tony Mazz OuttakesRich has been helping members of 98 Mile II record their raps and he's pulled up the raw audio of Tony Massarotti recording his winning round one rap about Marc Bertrand. So sit back and enjoy some of Mazz's outtakes.
Kate Merrill Tries Working At McDonald'sKate Merill went to a McDonald's Monday to work on a story and while there she tried her hand behind the line.