One pf the shirts Menino wants removed from Niketown's display.

NightSide Weekend Comment – Mayor Tom Menino Vs. Niketown

Should a store take down a display that may be promoting drugs?

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–06/25/2011

Niketown's T-shirt display remained in its Newbury Street window, despite Menino's demand in June 2011. (WBZ-TV file image)

Menino Suggests Niketown Could Face Protests Over T-Shirts

The battle between Mayor Tom Menino and Niketown could be heating up soon.


Mayor Menino wanted shirts like these taken down from the Niketown Display (photo courtesy:

Menino To Niketown: Take Down Controversial T-Shirt Display

Mayor Tom Menino doesn’t like Niketown’s new window display at its Newbury Street store and he wants it taken down.


Gary Lapierre

God Knows NBC Is Wrong…And So Is Nike….BIG time!!!

Do you too find it amazing that a major television network would stoop the level of many lefty loonies in this country and actually edit-out certain words from the Pledge of Allegiance? Whoever did the editing should be fired, but we all know that’ll never happen and that’s not the point.