NHLPA, NHL Continue Negotiations Toward Ending LockoutA federal mediator rejoined negotiations between the NHL and the players' association that stretched into the early hours of Thursday morning but still haven't produced a deal to get hockey back on the ice.
Reason For Optimism? Owners, NHLPA To Meet Again TuesdayThe NHL and the players' association are back on speaking terms, are trading ideas, and already have plans to get back together after the first day of face-to-face meetings in nearly three weeks.
NHL Labor Talks Expected To Resume On MondayWhile nothing concrete was announced Sunday, the players' association indicated that the plan was for talks with the NHL to restart Monday in the final hours of 2012.
NHL, Union Spend Saturday On Conference CallsThe NHL and the players' association spent much of Saturday talking to each other via conference call. The conversations were strictly for the purpose of sharing information regarding the new contract offer the NHL made to the union late Thursday.
With Time Running Out, NHL Presents New Offer To PlayersWith time running out for the NHL, there is reportedly some movement towards ending the lockout that has cost the league over half the season.
NHL, Union Remain Apart On Issues And In MeetingsThe players' association and league negotiators met separately Wednesday with federal mediators in suburban New Jersey, holding discussions that didn't appear to have moved the sides any closer to a deal to save the hockey season.
Bruins' Neely 'Optimistic' About NHL SeasonDespite talks breaking off between the NHL Owners and NHLPA, Boston Bruins president Cam Neely remains optimistic there will be a season.
NHL Cancels Games Through December 30With talks between NHL owners and the NHLPA broken off, the NHL has cancelled more games on Monday.