NFL Picks

Hurley's Picks: Patriots, Packers Head And Shoulders Better Than Entire NFLWhy are so many NFL teams so bad?
Hurley's Picks: Early London Game Will Prove Just How Completely The NFL Owns Your SoulPrepare to spend all day Sunday -- literally, all day -- watching the NFL and then wondering what the heck happened.
Hurley's Picks: Seahawks, Patriots Poised For Huge Home WinsThere will be 16 winners and 16 losers this weekend. And probably 16 whiners.
Hurley's Picks: Patriots Can Handle Big Bad Bills, While Seahawks Are Headed For 0-2 StartBefore jumping forward too far, it's important from a picks-making perspective to assess what we learned in Week 1.
Hurley's Picks: Bills Are A Team To Be Reckoned With, While Seahawks Face Imminent Doom
Hurley's Picks: Can Patriots Handle Seahawks' Best?This really should be an all-time classic.
Hurley's Picks: Seahawks In For No Picnic Vs. Packers; Patriots Should Roll Over ColtsDo the Packers have what it takes to earn a trip to the Super Bowl? And can the Colts even pretend to hang with the Patriots?
Keidel: NFL Divisional Playoffs PredictionsWe love the NFL because it's mostly a meritocracy, which brings us to the divisional round, the top shelf of football delicacies.
Hurley's Picks: Brady-Manning Meeting Inevitable In AFC; Packers Ripe For Upset Vs. Cowboys?With a humbling helping of Ridiculous Quotes From Last Week sprinkled in, it is time to make some picks.
Hurley's Picks: Lions, Colts, Ravens All Inferior Playoff TeamsI'm not giving any of the lower seeds any chance at all to win the Super Bowl this year.
Hurley's Picks: Peyton Manning's Football Mortality On Full Display, While Bengals Ride Unexplainable MagicIs Peyton Manning all done?
Hurley's Picks: Rex's Jets Sure To Make Some Noise Vs. PatriotsI don't know who's having a worse end to the football season -- me or the NFC South.