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Hurley's Picks: Patriots Due For A Loss In Denver -- But First, A Rant About NFL OfficiatingBefore NFL referees can botch any more calls, let's explore a full week of NFL picks.
Thanksgiving NFL Picks: Can Tony Romo Take Down The Mighty Carolina Panthers?America, Thanksgiving, food, family, and football. At least four of those things should be excellent this year.
Hurley's Picks: Broncos Better Without Manning, Patriots Will Handle Bills -- As AlwaysIt ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!
Hurley's Picks: Roger Goodell Deserves Blame For Greg Hardy, Plus Rex's Tricks And Brady's BrillianceIf people really want to direct their anger at the right person, they might want to look to the man in charge of it all.
Hurley's Picks: Angry Patriots Fans, Plus Peyton's Chance To Add To Colts' MiseryFor a group of folks who root for an undefeated team, football fans in New England sure are angry these days. And I can't say I entirely blame them.
Hurley's Picks: More Fraudulence From Roger Goodell Can't Distract From Week 8 NFL SlateEven Roger Goodell's dogged quest to tear down Tom Brady can't ruin a weekend of NFL action.
Hurley's Picks: Pats-Jets Dogfight On Tap, While Eli Manning's Giants Set To Look Like ChampionsRather than making excuses, it's time to stick by some principles, get back to basics, and make some better picks.
Hurley's Picks: Seahawks Due For Dud, Steelers Rising, Patriots Might Win By 50The folks out in Vegas are pretty, pretty good.
Hurley's Picks: Patriots, Packers Head And Shoulders Better Than Entire NFLWhy are so many NFL teams so bad?
Hurley's Picks: Early London Game Will Prove Just How Completely The NFL Owns Your SoulPrepare to spend all day Sunday -- literally, all day -- watching the NFL and then wondering what the heck happened.
Hurley's Picks: Seahawks, Patriots Poised For Huge Home WinsThere will be 16 winners and 16 losers this weekend. And probably 16 whiners.
Hurley's Picks: Patriots Can Handle Big Bad Bills, While Seahawks Are Headed For 0-2 StartBefore jumping forward too far, it's important from a picks-making perspective to assess what we learned in Week 1.
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