Squirrel Rescued After Getting Stuck In Randolph DumpsterA dumpster-diving squirrel had to be helped after getting his head stuck in a hole, the Animal Rescue League of Boston said.
Robi On The Road: Animal Rescue League Of Boston Answering The Distress CallsFor over 100 years, they have made it their mission to advocate for animals, wild or domestic.
Norfolk County Jail Inmates Rehabilitate With New England Wildlife Center AnimalsInmates from the Norfolk County Jail will learn about discipline, communication and hard work at the New England Wildlife Center.
Second Orphaned Fox Pup Rescued In BrocktonThe New England Wildlife Center has another baby fox to care for.
Orphaned Baby Fox Rescued From Den In BrocktonThe New England Wildlife Center is treating an adorable new patient at its facilities in Weymouth - an orphaned 3-week-old fox.
Goose Survives Arrow Through HeadA Canada Goose that was found shot in the head with an arrow last week is recovering.