Tom Brady Delivers Message Via Video At Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken's FuneralTom Brady's respect for fallen service members extends beyond Instagram and Facebook posts.
Navy Seal 'Leap Frogs' Make Boston 4th Of July SkydiveSix Navy Seals parachuted onto the area of the Esplanade on Saturday during the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. Watch for video from 8-11 p.m.
New Hampshire Navy SEAL Dies In Skydiving AccidentA New Hampshire Navy Seal has died after a military skydiving accident in Florida on Saturday.
Local Retired Navy SEAL: 'Mark Owen' Likely A Marked Man For Bin Laden BookThe president of a New England club for retired Navy SEALs says the man who wrote “No Easy Day” will have to live his life in fear.
Memorial To Fallen Navy SEAL Vandalized In NHFor the second time in a matter of months, a memorial to a Navy Seal killed in action has been vandalized in New Hampshire.
Navy SEALs Parachute Onto Boston CommonThe Navy’s “Leap Frogs” Parachute Team landed on the Boston Common on Monday.
UBL Still Dead...A Whole Year Now...Isn't BHO Wonderful?And if you want just two good reasons why BHO should be elected again as Commander-in-Chief....try this for a slogan: "UBL is dead.....GE is still alive" Thank you BHO and OMG I think I'm getting a little misty over this one.
Barnstable Honors Navy SEAL Killed In Chopper CrashHometown friends in Massachusetts have paid tribute to a Navy SEAL killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
Cape Cod Native Among Navy SEALs Killed In Afghanistan CrashOne of the Navy SEALs killed in the military helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan was a Cape Cod native.
NightSide - Former Navy SEAL Howard Wasdin Joins Dan Rea.Former Navy SEAL, Howard Wasdin, shares the life of America’s elite team members.
Ex-Navy SEAL Speculates How Bin Laden Was KilledThe precision of the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden and all the planning that went into it have many intrigued.
Take Him Alive?Why do we think that just because President Obama gave an order to kill it is alright. Two wrongs don't make a right. Why not take bin Ladin alive? - David, Cambridge